I won this award 03. July 2005! Thank you so much, Hayley! Your award is awesome!


Wohoo! Awesome award! Thank you Natalie!

Thank you for these great awards, Hortensie!

Thank you very much for this cool award, Kiara 101! I won this 30. April 2006

Yay! Thank you, Adam! Your Award rocks!


Thank you for your lovely award, Melanie! This one was given to me 10. October 2006


Thank you for these great awards, Simbasserengeti! These were given to me 29. November 2008!







 This award was given to me by Jettie! (Owner of Svanah Fiction, and Wonderful Site Of Nala)
Thank you so much!





These are not really awards, but gifts and special things that have been given to me by friends. I love them all, thank you so much!

This was made by the amazingly talented Josh. (TeenSimba.) And yes, the girl is me, in case you were wondering.





 This is a fanart drawn by my talented friend Crystal (SimbasMate) Thank you so much, I really love it!!


 This drawing was made by the creative and highly talented SilverSimba01, by request from me. Thank you!! It represents me as a lion cub.

This was made by Sardonyx/Nalafan103! It`s so cute, I love it! You are great at making signatures and all other types of graphics!


This special award was given to me by Kate. The award says "Solle, thanks for being my greatest web friend." Thank you so much!!
01. June 2009

Click here to visit her site!


I also got this from Kate! Thanks, I love it!


The following are gift graphics made by various members of the MLK forums. Thank you everyone, you are great!

These were given to me by Netali and Galit, to celebrate Princess Kiara`s 5th anniversary! Thank you both so much!

A lovely gift from my friend Ralexia, owner of Vitani`s Palace. Thank you!

From my friend Summer at Vitanis Sahifa. Thanks!


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